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Swiss Guard and Umbrella ManVatican, Architectural ContrastsBernini's matching fountain and Saint Peter's BasilicaThe Obelisk of St. Peter's SquareSwiss GuardingVatican VillaArch DetailSt. Peter's Basilica InteriorMichelangelo's PietàSt. Peter's Basilica DomeSt. Peter's Basilica AltarSt. Peter's Basilica Altar StepsSt. Peter's Basilica Altar and DomeThe altar of the Immaculate Conception, St Peter’s BasilicaSt. Peter's Square ColonadesVatican Corridor CeilingVatican Corridor PaintingLesser Attalid Persian soldier fighting sculpture, VaticanVatican CorridorSt. Peter's Basilica from Inside Out

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