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Alleyway, Forbidden City, BeijingBallroom Dancing, Beihai Park, BeijingBar Band, Shichahai, BeijingBattlements, Trees and Mountains, Ming Emperors' TombBeijing TransportBells, Jingxin House, Beihai Park, BeijingBicycles, BeijingBlue Stream Bar, Shichahai, BeijingBoats on Qianhai Lake, Shichahai, BeijingBridge between Houhai and Qianhai Lakes with Hutong and Drum Tower, Shichahai, BeijingBridge between Houhai and Qianhai Lakes, Shichahai, BeijingBridge to the Hall of Dispelling Clouds and the Tower of Buddhist Incense, Summer Palace, BeijingBridges, Forbidden City, BeijingBroken Paving, Forbidden City, BeijingBronze Door Detail, Forbidden City, BeijingBronze Door Hinge, Forbidden City, BeijingBronze Incense Burner, Beihai Park, BeijingBronze Lion Cub, Forbidden City, BeijingBronze Turtle Sculpture, Forbidden City, BeijingCat looks up steps, Beihai Park, Beijing

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